Storyboard Artist & Art Department Assistant for Viral Video Campaign


Skeleton Productions, Nottingham


Zotac, The original creators, pioneers, and manufacturer of Mini PCs


Create storyboard cells for a comical viral campaign advert to promote a "Small But Powerful" mini PC, Zotac Zbox.
Work on shoot assisting the Director, DOP and Head of Production. 


Liaised directly with Director to discuss overall message, desired tone and atmosphere of storyboard.

Met with Director, DOP and Head of Production prior to shoot to finalise props, set dressing and to go over shot list.

Dressed the set and created props for shoot. 

Assisted Director & DOP throughout the shoot, concentrating on artistic continuity, ensuring the shoot wasn't delayed and all members were well looked after. 

"Heather is a real asset to any creative team.

Her enthusiasm, quick thinking and attention to detail was a key factor

in the project we worked on, and I would be very happy  to recommend her."

- David Marsh,

Head of Production
Skeleton Productions

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