Art Department Assistant

CLIENT: Hollyoaks & House of Anubis

LOCATION: Liverpool

DATE: 2012

Developed and built a main feature to scale set adaption, dressed sets and designed and created on set props.
- Liaised directly with the Art Director, discussing future set designs 
- Produced to-scale technical drawings to aid model making
- Created to-scale rendered model from technical drawings to aid future scene shooting and maintain consistency

- For the storyline of a college art show presenting students artwork, I created 

multiple prop pieces at multiple stages of completion to be used during the shooting

- Hit the ground running and successfully integrated and maximised output as part of a large and changing team

- Operated both on-set and on-location assisting the design team, DOP and Art Director, by delivering ever-changing requirements to meet production timescales 

- Created props to be used within the show

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